How Directional Boring Equipment Steers the Drill Bit – Concordia Research

Drill bits, an element of the directional boring equipment used to break the earth and make the hole is one of the process fundamental parts.

An HDD drill bit will often be a tri-cone bit consisting of three cones which rotate that are covered with durable and long-lasting material like tungsten carbide. The cones are scavenged and cut into the ground while the bit rotates making a hole. While the two outer cones remove the cut material from the hole , and the middle cone is used to cut through layers of dirt or even dense rock the middle cone helps to pull it out.

Different drilling conditions call for different drill bits. A typical example is that an open bearing piece is more suitable to drilling through hard rock formations than an enclosed bearing bit that is suitable for drilling through soft soil. The bit size used for the HDD will be determined by the length of the pipeline or cable put in place.

The drilling bit’s shape and manufacturing greatly affects the efficiency of the drill operation and effectiveness. HDD operators have the ability to select the appropriate drill bit to meet their needs, and to ensure the success of their drilling process. They are also able to comprehend the different sizes and kinds of directional boring gear.


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