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They seem like an unattainable task. This doesn’t have to be.

The home you live in can be transformed through a handful of simple DIY projects. In addition, you don’t need to invest a ton of money to makeover to your apartment.

Tips to make Your Home look brighter

A variety of factors went into your decision to live in a shabby apartment. Most important among those was the price range for the apartment you chose was affordable. However, the good thing there is the possibility to do a shabby apartment makeover.

Simple and simple techniques will completely transform your home’s appearance, no matter how boring or dull it might appear.


Fresh coats of paint can add the life back to dull spaces. What’s betterthan a new coat of paint. It’s a mix of many painted colors. It’s possible to consider painting a magical worker.

If you’re looking to give doing a makeover to your home, going all out with a paint combination can do more to enhance the look of the room. While doing this it’s essential that you use colors that are complementary. Don’t use hues that aren’t suited well when combined, or else your design could turn out to be an eyesore.

It is possible to go for bold bright colors when you use a neutral palette. Bright accents such as red and yellow are fantastic selections. If you’re seeking more the depth of your interior design think about using darker shades like gray or purple as well.


Select a wallpaper style as well as a color that matches the room in the same way painting.


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