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They’re an ideal alternative to braces made of metal because of their many advantages to health.

The Invisalign aligner trays for teeth are made from thermoplastic polyurethane resin that is custom-designed to accommodate only one pair of teeth. Although this resin is flexible and smooth, it can also be broken, it’s sturdy and robust.

Still, you should consult your dentist regarding Invisalign cost reduction regardless of whether your Invisalign trays have cracked. It is possible to cause more harm than good if you attempt fixing your aligners on your own. The result could slow your progress. The dentist may suggest you use the previous or the next aligners based on the length of time since your Invisalign aligners broke before making a follow-up appointment to polish your smile.

A scheduled appointment for refinement could delay your appointment. The aligners that you’ve been using may not fit your newly-created teeth. What should you do then? In this article, we’ll talk about Invisalign treatment steps if and when you break your braces that are clear. The following steps will assist you stay healthy until your next dentist’s appointment. sn8wexfp3c.

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