Essential Information About Garage Door Hinges and How They Function – Free Car Magazines

How garage door hinges function. While all hinges may appear identical, there are differences. In this video, we’ll show how hinges on garage doors are identified by numbers, which includes the gauges, and where each hinge is placed according to the number. The knowledge gained from this video will be crucial when performing regular garage door maintenance.

It is important to pay attention to the numbers. It is the gauge number as well as hinge number. When inspecting the hinge numbers, the bigger the number, the higher up the garage door. The gauge numbers are smaller and the bigger they are, the less the steel. Garage door hinges are manufactured in this manner because it allows sections of the doors secure against the jams as the door moves up.

Select hinges made of thinner steel when you’re installing the garage door to be used for heavy-duty installation, or use heavier steel for homes instead. If you have a living space just above your garage then quiet hinges should be your best choice.

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