Everything You Should Know About the Different NEMA Power Cords – The Buy Me Blog

These plugs are used extensively in the United States and worldwide. There are a variety of plugs in use. In this clip our expert will go over everything you should know about the various NEMA power cords, including those that are NEMA L6 30 and why it is such a popular one.

NEMA L630 is made of three wires. One wire acts as a ground and two wires are hot wires. This source of power is certified to 30A at 250V. This is usually used in industries, which means you won’t see it on your desk at home particularly if you work in the office. NEMA L530 has a 30A 125V rating. It is lower than other. This is used for generators, as well as smaller RVs. You might have noticed it. The model also features three wires. One is neutral, and the other being hot.

This video will go over everything you need to be aware of NEMA power cords.


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