Planning a Vacation? Head to Denver!

Denver tour

The fact that the Denver Broncos made it into Super Bowl XLVIII might be the biggest reason you want to visit the Mile High City. But there are several other attractions that make Denver a fascinating, exciting, and adventurous place to vacation.

The city itself is located exactly one mile above sea level, which gives it the “Mile High City” nickname, and also makes it one of the highest major cities in the country. When you visit Denver, you will notice that the city is nestled just east of the Rocky Mountains. This allows travelers to take in the sights and sounds of the city, along with the distant, breathtaking views of snowcapped mountains in the background.

You can tour Denver from within the city, leading out toward its natural surroundings, or begin with its many parks and work your way in toward its skyscrapers and modern buildings. If you begin with outdoor excursions, there are Denver tours that will take you to some of the mountain parks, such as Bear Creek Canyon, and Red Rock Park, where you can see Red Rock Amphitheater, one of the largest naturally formed music theaters in the world. You can hike or bike along different trails in these parks, and stop to take pictures of the spectacular views of the mountains and Denver.

You can also tour Denver with package deals that take you into the city, as well as to the mountain ranges. The city of Denver offers plenty of shopping centers, dining options, and the State Capitol building. You also will want to see the United States Mint, the largest manufacturer of U.S. coins, which produces more than 50 million coins a day. You can also always ask your tour guide about any Denver events you can attend during your stay.

Whether you are in town to visit the Sports Authority Field at Mile High to see where the Broncos play, or you want to visit the incredible sights in and around the city of Denver, you will thoroughly enjoy your trip. With so many things to see and do, it will take more than just one vacation to Denver to soak in everything that this city has to offer.


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