If You Have Been Caught Drinking and Driving, It Is Important to Find a Good Lawyer

Dui dwi attorney

Did you know that Ohio has a law of implied consent? This means that if you refuse a chemical test after being caught for drunk driving, you will face a fine and automatic license suspension. If you have been pulled over for drunk driving, it is important to immediately seek legal representation. The law does not take kindly to DWI, DUI, or OVI, but finding a good lawyer will help you fight your case in court. There are two main benefits of seeking assistance from the best criminal defense attorney, as it is a helpful way to ensure the law does not treat you unfairly.

1. Jail time. Drinking and driving can lead to significant jail time. In fact, a DUI conviction in Ohio can potentially result in jail time that ranges from three days to six months. In order to avoid jail time, the best DUI attorney will help you fight your case. Although nearly 45,000 people in Ohio have five or more OVI convictions, jail time can sometimes be avoided or reduced by finding a good attorney.

2. Plea bargaining. The best criminal defense attorney will also help you reach a plea bargain. For instance, the prosecution in Ohio may accept a plea bargain of “wet reckless,” which is a conviction of reckless driving involving alcohol. A plea bargain often requires you to admit guilt to a lesser charge, but it may result in fewer fines or less jail time than a more serious conviction.

Although the state record for most OVIs in Ohio is 20, just one instance of drinking and driving can result in serious punishment. As a result, it is important to get help from the best criminal defense attorney. Not only will a good lawyer help you avoid jail time, but he or she will also assist you in plea bargaining, as well. By seeking assistance from the best criminal defense attorney, your drunk driving conviction will not have to ruin your life.

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