Did You Know Landscaping Could Save You Money?

Landscaping spokane

Your landscape design makes all the difference in your home’s curb appeal. When someone drives by a house, the first thing that stands out is landscaping. Bright colors, carefully blended with the perfect plants, rocks, and decorative items can set your house apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

But landscaping offers more benefits than simply aesthetics. It can provide you with more than 100% return on investment, because it increases your property value, according to a Clemson University study. It could also help you lower your bills, and maintain a more eco-friendly home.


Experts from a landscaping construction company will be able to help you design your lawn so that trees and other plants are placed in strategic areas, which can shade the windows and walls, and save you up to 50% on air conditioning costs, according to the American Public Power Association. In addition, yearly heating and cooling costs were reduced by about 2 billion dollars because of the shade and shelter that trees provided. Trees also slow down and filter rain water, and also protect watersheds and aquifers, which helps to improve water quality.

You can work with landscaping Spokane companies to first layout exactly how you want your lawn to look. Then landscapers will be able to suggest which plants will maximize the beauty of your lawn, while also offering you the right amount of shade to reduce your monthly and yearly bills. You can pick from several different types of foliage, shrubbery, and trees. These can add the same bright green color, which comes from the chemical, chlorophyll, that plush grass offers as well. These plants juxtaposed with the right colored flora and fauna, can create the perfect landscaping design.

Landscaping construction companies can give you exactly the lawn you have always envisioned, keeping your finances in mind. It will give the front of your home a facelift, and give your neighbors something to envy.

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