Why Quality Day Care for Your Children Is Important

Atlanta pre k

Have you been considering enrolling your young children in day care programs, but are curious about why early childhood teaching is so important to development?

Perhaps the most convincing reason for finding the best day care providers is that a person’s early years are those in which there is the greatest capacity for retaining information. As a case in point, once a person has turned three years old, she or he has established an astounding 1,000 trillion cellular connections in the brain, about twice as many as those made by adults.

What are the benefits of daycare
? For one, it is there that children can develop important social skills, including how to relate to peers. This can be a great supplement to more academic settings. Among the benefits of enrolling in pre k programs include that the students are less susceptible to needing special education, being held back a grade, or breaking the law in the future.

One may be surprised to learn of the history of child day care centers. In fact, 400,000 children enrolled in preschool received day care that was assisted by the Federal Government during World War II. If you have additional questions, comments, or suggestions regarding early childhood teaching, feel free to share them in the section below. See this reference for more.

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