What is the Purpose of a Stainless Hose Clamp?

Worm gear hose clamp

Stainless hose clamps are devices that are used in order to hatch a hose to a fitting, for instance, a barb. There are a few varieties of stainless hose clamps. One popular kind of hose clamp is spring clamp. These stainless hose clamps are typically fashioned from spring steel that has been cut into a strip. On one side of a spring clamp there is a protuberance at the end. One the other side, two adjacent protrusions are found. Spring clamps are typically employed within tight spaces in which other large hose clamps would be nearly impossible to properly align. Thus, spring hose clamps are the stainless hose clamps most typically used as a means of securing barb connections in PC water cooling radiators, as well as within automotive engine bays.

Other stainless hose clamps that are typically utilized within limited pressure automotive and home applications are ear clamps, the band width of which are quite narrow. These stainless hose clamps are an excellent choice for applications which necessitate a high degree of tamper resistance. This powerful tamper resistance is due to the permanent and purposeful misshaping of the ear of the clamp, thus making is nearly impossible to separate and remove. Some ear clamps allow for a 360 degree seal. When working with molded plastics, ear clamps are the perfect kind of stainless hose clamps to rely upon.

Stainless hose clamps are an important modern invention that has been essential to the evolution of both indoor plumbing and automotive technology. Without stainless hose clamps, neither modern drainage systems and nor automobiles would exist. That is something worth considering that the next time you buying stainless hose clamps at the hardware store.
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