What is a PACS Workstation?

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As many people know, radiology is the study of images of the human body. Medical X rays are produced by a fast stream of electrons that come to a sudden stop against a metal plate. Interestingly the Chandra X ray Observatory uses X ray technology. The Chandra is a space telescope that was launched on STS 93 by NASA on July 23, 1999. This telescope is sensitive to X ray sources 100 times fainter than previous telescopes of this time, and is enabled by the high angular resolution of its mirrors. PACS workstations are now being used as an integral part of the radiology process.

PACS stands for picture archiving and communication systems. PACS workstations use this medical technology to provide economical storage of, and convenient access to, images for multiple modalities or sources machine types.

PACS workstations handle images from various imaging instruments such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, positron emission tomography, and computed tomography. These PACS work states can also handle images from endoscopy, mammograms, digital radiography, computer radiography, ophthalmology, and more.

PACs workstations are leading edge, and can be used in a variety of medical environments by doctors, nurses, technicians, and other such professionals. Most PACs workstations offer high quality, diagnostic image viewing that can help doctors make better diagnosis.

In addition, because of the storage and archiving capabilities of PACS workstation, images can be readily available across a medical network. This means that medical professionals can quickly access the images for a patient, making the timeline for necessary medical treatment much quicker.

PACS workstations digitally transmit these images and reports, which eliminates manual filing, retrieval, and transport of film. This provides many advantages such as instant access at a much lower cost.

Because the information on PACS workstations can be accessed remotely from various locations long distance diagnosis are made possible. This technology can also be used for distance education services, as well.

PACS computers and PACS monitors are available from medical imaging equipment manufacturers, PACS vendors, and medical IT companies. If you are a medical management professional, you may want to look into all of the benefits of putting such a system into place at your facility.
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