Industrial and Automotive Workers Suffer Occupational Injuries

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Did you know that, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, workers reported up to 2,976,400 occupational injuries just last year? Industrial, automotive, and vehicle manufacturing can be especially dangerous. Industrial workers handle heavy equipment and sometimes even live electrical currents. What simple tools dramatically reduce the likelihood of worker injuries and fatalities?

Rubber Grommets and Conduit

Rubber grommets protect and insulate wires by redirecting them from sharp metal pieces, corners, and edges. Grommets may be circular or oblong and, for industrial and manufacturing purposes, they are often made out of heavy-duty rubber designed to withstand high pressures and maintain its shape under pressure. Furniture and desk grommets, used to protect cords at home and around the office, are produced in rubber and hard plastic forms.

Similarly, conduit keeps electricians and industrial workers safe by insulating cables, wires, and electrical currents. Flexible or rigid conduit wraps around wires, protecting them from snow, rain, ice, and small animals and rodents’ teeth. Metal conduit, also commonly referred to as electric metal tubing (EMT), can also shield sensitive circuits from harmful electromagnetism.

Zip Ties and Screw Cover Caps

Insulating and protecting wires is not enough. Wires, cables, electrical parts, and machinery also require stability. Zip ties and metal and nylon fasteners help secure wires, electrical equipment, and industrial parts in place. Zip ties, also called hose ties or cable ties, fasten using a pawl and a series of teeth. Zip ties are available in a number of different colors, for easy organization and identification.

Screw cover caps fit over the top of screws. Cover caps ensure that materials and parts stay put, and protect screws from weathering, wear, abrasion, vibrations, and more.

Preventing electrical fires and accidents at work starts with small, simple tools. Rubber grommets, conduit, and screw cover caps insulate wires, protects electrical equipment, and ensures that machinery remains stable and secure.

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