Home Owners Who Want to save Money in 2014 Should Consider Remodeling This Room

Small kitchen remodel

For home owners looking to save money in the new year, 2014 should be full of home improvement projects that increase the value of their homes and help reduce energy costs. Home improvement remodeling projects can make your home more energy efficient and may be claimable on your taxes, and with the kitchens hosting some of the largest, and frequently used electrical appliances, a kitchen remodeling project is the perfect place to start. Hiring kitchen remodelers is a great way to add a professional design to your home, but many home improvement jobs can be DIY (do it yourself) projects to save money.

The kitchen can be one of the most enjoyable rooms to entertain in; however, they can also be quite wasteful. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting, refrigeration and cooking are responsible for over 40% of a home’s energy consumption — add dishwashers, electronics and a plethora of food preparation utilities to the mix, and you’re stuck with an environmental hot-spot. A great way to improve the energy efficiency and appearance of your kitchen is to replace old appliances with new, high-efficiency appliances. Old kitchen appliances that should be replaced with high-efficiency appliances include refrigerators, stoves, ovens, sinks, dishwashers and lighting. Replacing all of these items with Energy-Star certified appliances can cut your electrical and water consumption in half. Additionally, replacing your old washing machine and dryer with high-efficiency appliances will help you save even more.

The average cost of new high-efficiency kitchen appliances is anywhere between $4,000-$15,000 dollars, and the average kitchen remodelers charge anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000. Doing the remodeling yourself will help you save thousands, even though the kitchen remodeling costs may seem a bit pricey at first. But, when you consider the long-term savings these improvements will provide, you have a smart, and reliable investment that will help you save money each month on utility bills, in addition to increasing the value of your home. Good refereneces.

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