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You probably do not think too much about facts and figures surrounding motor oil or motor oil standards. Motor oil is made from both petroleum based and non petroleum chemical compounds. Motor oil is used to lubricate internal combustion engines of cars, motorcycles, trucks, aircraft, and other such vehicles. The Society of Automotive Engineers established motor oil standards and grading systems to classify automotive motor oils. These motor oil standards are based on viscosity and include 20, 50, and 5w50 weights of oil.

Motor oil standards say that the use of too much or too little engine oil can be damaging. Your engine may overheat if too little oil is placed in the engine.

Motor oil standards state that this motor oil does not wear out, it simply becomes dirty. This is a fact that many people are not aware of. Because of this, oil recycling is very important. Motor oil standards point out that it takes 42 gallons of crude oil to produce just 2.5 quarters of new, high quality lubricating oil. However, by recycling a gallon of used on oil, the same amount will be produced.

If oil is not properly disposed of according to motor oil standards of use, it can ruin waterways and other environments. The used motor oil from just one oil change has the potential to ruin one million gallons of freshwater. It is unfortunate to note that millions of gallons of used oil is improperly dumped it waterways. This oil can cause sunlight and oxygen to be cut off to lakes, rivers, and streams. This can result in the deaths of plants, fish, and other marine life.

Knowing these motor oil standards can help you choose car oil change locations that follows proper recycling or disposal methods. You want to make sure that your mechanic or oil change places are properly disposing of oil during an oil change. You can simply ask about the processes used as part of motor oil standards for disposal.

If the answers are not satisfactory, you should seek out another facility that uses better methods. After all, we all live in this world, and making sure we protect it anyway we can is very important.
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