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Archive for December, 2013

What You Need to Know about Motor Oil

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Get an oil change

If you have a car, then chance are you have had to change the motor oil. While most people know that changing the oil in their car is important, few know what motor oil is or what it does.

Motor oil, also called engine oil, is used in every kind of engine and is made from either petroleum or non petroleum synthesized chemical compounds. Motor oil serves many vital functions in an engine. For example, it lubricates the moving parts in the engine. This prevents them from wearing down. Thus, using motor oil helps to extend the life of an engine. It also helps keep engine temperatures low, by reducing the heat created by the friction of the moving engine parts.

Motor oils are rated according to their viscosity. Ratings start at 0 and go up to 60, in increments of five. These ratings are also sometimes accomp

Finding the best Digital Camera Shop NYC has to Offer

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Where can i buy a camera

The first come photo was taken by James Maxwell, a british physicist, in 1861. This luxury was once one experienced only by the very wealth and those most advanced scientists. Nowadays, so many photos are taken that only about 20% of those photos ever make it to print. Digital cameras compare images agains one another, and just as quickly can delete those less successful shots. While this development has been great for the development of photography, it also has many civilian photographers looking for more.

One constant throughout the evolution of photography is that finding the right camera means knowing how to use it. With all of the options available to photographers these days,