Your Teeth Might Be Rotting

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Looking to whiten your smile? There are over the counter whitening strips that claim to make teeth whitening simple and fast. It has also been called tooth bleaching. Some of the products you can buy include beaching pens, bleaching gels, and even laser bleaching. Bleach contains peroxide which reacts with water to create an oxidizing agent. This then enters the tooth enamel and breaks down the stain. With laser treatment, the dentist spread a teeth whitening agent over your teeth and then uses an LED light or laser to help your teeth absorb the teeth whitening agent. Over the counter remedies are less expensive, and reading teeth whitening reviews can be the best to find out which one of these products actually do work.

You can also search online for results on the results of professionally whitened teeth. These sites give a cosmetic dentistry before and after picture to see the difference. Others people opt for dental implants if they feel their teeth are beyond repair. In this case, teeth whitening is the least of your concerns. The most current dental implants are often fused to the bone and act as a fake tooth root. Once this implant has healed, a dentist secures a crown to the new root with a screw. This might seem extreme, but it is necessary if one or many teeth have rotted. There are different types of dental implants, so be sure to talk to your dentist about what is right for you.


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