What Are the Benefits of Using Moving Pod Companies?

Moving storage

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 34 million people, on average, move every year in the United States. The last time national migration was that low was between 1959 and 1960. One of the main reasons for this decline is the drop in mobility thanks to the Great Recession.

Even with the reduced numbers, millions of Americans continue to move for love, career, and excitement. 44% of people say they have relocated for a new job or transfer, making employment the single most popular reason to move. Whatever your reason for moving, there are things you need to keep in mind to make the experience as pleasant as possible. After all, as NBC News writes, moving is only less stressful than going through a divorce or death in the family.

One of the most important things to consider is how you are going to move. Many make the mistake of going at it by themselves. However, as more and more are finding out, using moving pod companies can be the key to a convenient, affordable move.

Accurate Pricing
The best storage and moving pods providers give their clients access to powerful, accurate moving calculators. By plugging in the weight of things you need transported, the distance they need to go, and your timeline, you can get an accurate estimate for how much you can expect to pay for renting your pods storage unit.

Having said that, however, moving long distance requires added considerations. If you want to use moving pod companies for your long distance move, make sure you contact your local company directly. Doing so can help you make sure there are no surprises in your bill.

Convenient Scheduling
One of the biggest reasons Americans use moving pod companies for their moves, whether they are Northeasterners, who move the least, or Westerners, who move the most, is because of the convenient scheduling. By speaking with a customer service representative at your favorite moving pods companies, you can schedule your container to be dropped at your current home and delivered to your new one on your schedule.

Customized Solutions for All Your Needs
Whether you are part of the 33% of renters who move every year or you are a homeowner looking for a change, moving pod companies have solutions for all needs. For example, movers with a need for a large amount of space can make use of larger containers. On the other hand, if you only have a few boxes, then the small option will be good enough for you.

Using pods moving containers can truly make for a better moving experience. However, they can only get you so far. Be sure to use common sense moving tips, like remembering to use an inventory for your items when moving long distance, along with moving pod companies for the most successful relocation possible.

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