Watching TV or Checking Online Where Do You Get Your Local News?

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Say you’re looking for a quick weather update before you head out for the day. You’ve got a smartphone, so there’s no need to wait for “Weather on the 9s” on your local network news channel. But what about when it comes to finding out the day’s top stories?

More people are relying on online news sources than ever before, but that doesn’t mean television is on its way out. Whether you need the top news Dallas TX has to offer or the latest business reports from downtown NYC, TV news and online organizations are essentially battling it out for your attention. So, who’s winning?

Local TV news is an American institution.

For years, before breaking headline news was just a click away, people relied on the daily paper to keep informed about the local goings on in and around town. Then, network television became an imperial force, beaming nightly news updates directly into homes across the nation. Cable only furthered the predominance of news of TV, and soon, more folks were staring at screens to tell them what was happening the world around them.

TV still commands an audience.

Of course, the modern world relies on the Internet for news (among plenty of other things). But TV is still holding strong, with data reporting that 57 percent of all TV watchers turn on the tube specifically for news, including the local news Dallas TX or Cleveland OH has to offer. It’s easy to stay informed, too, with the world latest news today usually airing at 5 and 6 p.m. in addition to later at night around 11.

Free online news is becoming the wave of the future.

It’s no secret that web services are rendering movie theaters and record stores essentially obsolete. But could TV news be in jeopardy as well? One study showed a 17.2 increase in people obtaining their news online from 2010 to 2011, while TV news showed a wimpy 1 percent boost. Whether you’re looking for the hottest news Dallas TX offers or the flashiest L.A. celeb gossip, chances are, you’ll look for it (and find it) first online.

Late breaking news headlines might be a different story.

What network TV has that the web still hasn’t perfected is the culture of the live news feed. Imagine hearing about O.J. Simpson’s infamous White Bronco low-speed chase with police today. Would you look online to follow it, braving the dreaded buffering delays and low-video quality blunders over reliable, steady live televised coverage? When it comes to breaking news, 10 times as many people will tune into TV than will follow along online.

Let’s not forget about dual-screen viewing.

A unique phenomenon that’s still being measured in American and across the globe is what’s call dual-screen viewing, or watching TV while simultaneously surfing the web on a smartphone or laptop. This presents an entirely new element in the equation: getting the best of both worlds. We know that right now, more people in the United States are enjoying this practice than in the United Kingdom, Germany or Italy. What this really means still remains to be seen.

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