Looking For a Great Venue For Your Wedding? Here are a Few Helpful Tips

Wedding reception

Though this is more of a recent development, as many as three quarters of engaged couples plan on either paying for their entire wedding themselves, or contributing to the cost. Not too long ago, relatives, usually parents, would have been expected to shoulder the entire burden of the wedding. Though this might not seem like a good thing, it leaves options like waterfront weddings open to couples that might not have been able to choose a venue for themselves. Here are a few tips for finding great places to get married in your area.

There are countless places to have your wedding reception, and an equal amount of places to find event planning resources. Some of the more obvious ones are in the church, garden, or banquet hall where you had your wedding. There are so many more fun and interesting wedding reception venues to choose from. A bit like choosing a fun color for a wedding dress, 87 percent of brides wear white dresses, choosing weddings on the beach rather than the more traditional wedding venues is only recently becoming more popular.

Have you ever though about having your wedding reception in a museum? This might have never crossed your mind, but they can be one of the more fun, original, and interesting places to have your wedding reception. A few of the even more amazing museum options to keep in mind would be a planetarium or even an aquarium. Imagine the wedding photos that you could take at the aquarium. One of the bonuses of having your reception at an aquarium is that you can get the feel of waterfront weddings even if you do not have access to a waterfront where you live.

If you are thinking about having your wedding reception in a garden because you are have a spring or summer wedding, you will more than likely be stalking and stressing about the weather in the weeks and days before your wedding. However, if you were to plan the reception in a botanical gardens, you get to have the amazing ambiance of a garden but you never have to spare a thought for the weather. This is also a great option if you are doing a winter wedding but still want the trappings of summer time.

Did you know that more than 40 percent of couples now plan their weddings together these days? If you and your partner are history nuts, but the idea of as wedding reception in a natural history museum is not exciting you, you may want to look into having you reception in a historical house. There are thousands of beautiful historical houses in the United States, and you have even better and more interesting choices if you are getting married abroad. You might even be able to find a great historical home nearby for a reception if you are having thinking about the benefits of waterfront weddings.

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