St George is a Great Place for Families!

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The housing market is slowly recovering, and many Americans are buying real estate as a result. Due to the fact that the average list price of luxury homes is creeping up, many prospective home buyers are of the belief that they should pounce before they are priced out of desired properties. This is most certainly true in areas like St. George, UT. In St. George, an imbalance between supply and demand, rising property values, and tax benefits of buying a home in Utah make partnering with a great real estate agent an absolute necessity for those interested in buying real estate.

St. George Utah is situated just 117 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada and has a rich and storied history. Brigham Young organized the settlement of what is now Washington County, Utah when the American Civil War began in 1861. St. George is currently the economic and cultural nexus of South West Utah, serving as the gateway to the beloved Zion National Park. St. George, where there are many luxury homes for sale due to pent up demand, is a wonderful place for buying real estate. St. George is a family friendly local due to the number of parks and recreation areas there, as well as the 65 plus miles of urban walking and biking trails. So too St. George is widely celebrated for its incredible golf courses, some of which provide views extending to Zion National Park. Many people buying real estate in St. George are golf lovers, which makes sense, as St. George is the golf capitol of Utah.

There are a number of golf homes for sale in St. George, making it a perfect place for buying real estate if golf is your passion. Buying real estate in St. George is a great way to enjoy the tax benefits of buying a home while participating in your favorite activity. There are so many fantastic golf course homes for sale in St. George, and mortgage rates on these houses are still in the basement. Buying real estate now in St. George rather than later will save you a lot of money on monthly mortgage interest.

St. George is predominantly upper middle class. This is due to both the number of homes for sale and the terrific local businesses in the vicinity. Buying real estate in St. George is a smart fiscal move as well as an excellent way to increase your quality of life. Those buying real estate in St. George appreciate the beautiful location, the tax benefits, and the safe, friendly community. If you decide on buying real estate in St. George, you will not regret your choice to relocate to such a vibrant, up and coming city.
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