Five Quick Facts About Auto Body Paint Shops and Car Work

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Did you know that the 1901 Mercedes, considered the first modern car, contained a 35-horsepower engine? This was a significant improvement over any car that had come before it, which was essentially just a modified stagecoach. This particular car had huge engine power, compared with the Oldsmobile auto manufactured between 1901 and 1906 which were merely three-horsepower machines.

Obviously, we have come a long way in the century since this initial innovation. But the more capable we make our automobiles, the more destructive we also make them. This is evident along the side of any road. How many auto body paint shops and collision repair centers did you pass just today on your way to work?

In the entire United States, the state of Florida has the third-highest medical and work loss cost because of auto accidents. The total number of money lost ends up totaling around $3.16 billion. That could buy work for hundred of cars in auto body paint shops. Because of these high numbers, Florida law stipulates that any car accident that involves an injury or property damage greater than $500 has to be reported to the police.

Luckily, property damage can always be taken care of. This is what auto body paint shops and body repair shops are for. No matter how minor any accident may seem, you should always exchange insurance information with the other driver. You never know how this information might benefit you later on if it turns out it will cost your auto body paint shops more than you anticipated to fix.

Here is another unsettling fact: Approximately 2 million adults, both drivers and passengers, had to be treated in the emergency room last year due to auto accidents. Any custom auto body shop can fix up your car, and any auto body paint shops can cover the scratches. But they cannot fix the scars on you.

It is important to drive safely at all times. Cars might have engines that can pump with advanced horsepower, but that does not mean they have to. The best way to avoid a collision center is to avoid a collision altogether. See this link for more:

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