How Does Your Website Rank?

Corporate brand identity

Many companies do at least some of their business over the internet. When the first competitive web browser was introduced in 1996, web designer companies began to form, too. Today, there are many different web designer companies, and many of them specialize in websites for particular industries. For example, there are some web designer companies who work exclusively on medical websites.

Much has changed since 1996, and today nearly half (46 percent) or all website designers use html5 for coding. Many of the best web design services use search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization companies and consultants use high quality web content and other techniques to make a website more visible. When an online search is done, there can be millions of results. With the help of a good SEO services provider, company websites can show up closer to the top of the list of search results.

Web designers have to keep up with current trends. In 2012, there were 242.6 million people shopping online by using their smart phones or other mobile devices. Studies have shown that approximately 67 percent of online shoppers say that they prefer online shopping because there are more choices available.
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  1. I have been doing most of my shopping online for the last few years. And I agree, there is a much bigger selection of colors, sizes, etc online because stores can only stock so much stuff.

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