Finding the Right Ford and Honda Dealer in Pikeville

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It had to be disassembled and carried up through passenger elevators, but the 1966 Ford Mustang was the first car to park on the Empire State Building observation deck. Quite a feat from the Ford Motor Company that was incorporated in 1903. Freedom Ford Claypool Hill Va is one of the dealers that exemplifies what it means to be a premier dealer.

Freedom Honda dealer Pikeville is just as forward looking and service oriented as the rest of the Freedom dealers. Whether you are looking for a Honda dealer Prestonsburg or Pikeville, they have the selection of new and used cars to excite your driving sensibilities.

When selecting the right car for you, the test drive is one of the most important considerations. It allows you to feel the handling and put the engine through the typical challenges of daily driving. You should talk with your dealer about finding the right test drive route to experience both the stop and go of the streets and some higher speed driving on the freeway.

When you begin to move up to highway speeds, you will have a different steering and acceleration experience. Just to be sure you are comfortable with everything, you may even want to look at taking a test drive in less than ideal weather. As the seasons change you will be subjected to the wind and rain, or worse, and you want to have a clear perspective on the handling qualities of your new Ford or Honda.

Lest you forget, you should examine the handling in terms of parking. Each minute in the U.S., there are about 65 traffic tickets given out. While you may be inclined to push the speed limit, when you come to a stop you want to insure that you can park in any open spot. Learn more:

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  1. Good idea on altering the test drive route. I remember the last test drive I took was just around the dealership on surface roads.

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