American Businesses Rely on Industrial Products to Do Good Business

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883,000 new home construction projects were started in the United States in August 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. From January to August of 2013, almost 8.5 million cars were made in North America to sell domestically and internationally, as shown by statistics from Wards Auto. American industry is the key to the $15.68 trillion gross domestic product we currently generate, as estimated by the World Bank.

American ingenuity and work ethic continues to fuel our industry and success on the international stage. However, there is much more to the success of these businesses than blood and sweat. Industrial products supplied by De-sta-co distributors, for example,provide American industry with ways to improve its safety, precision in production, and the quality of its products. Home builders, car manufacturers, and scrap yard foremen all make use of industrial products on a daily basis, so they can continue to offer the very best in American industrial know-how.

Home Builders%3Cbr%3E

Home builders use any number of tools each day. Hammers, saws, and nail guns all figure into their regular arsenal. Bolts, the earliest of which were made out of iron for industrial use, are used in a wide variety of housing applications. However, if you look at the grand scale of things, you can see just how crucial industrial products are to construction success.

When home builders have to knock down an old structure to make way for the new, the easiest way to do so is through a wrecking ball and bulldozer. Both of those machines incorporate hydraulic cylinders which provide a large amount of undirected force through an undirectional stroke, giving workers the power they need to tear down the old structure.

Car Manufacturers%3Cbr%3E

Car manufactures make use of toggle clamps, vibration control systems, and springs; all of which can be bought through De-Sta-Co distributors. All of these items allow cars to be built with precision, safety, and high quality in mind. For instance, springs, elastic devices used to hold and harness energy, are used throughout consumer vehicles. Beneath your car seat are multiple springs that help your seat move forward and back. In your door are springs that allow the door to be opened more easily. Clearly, industrial products purchased through businesses like De-Sta-Co distributors are key to these companies’ success.

Scrap Yard Foremen%3Cbr%3E

Scrap yard foremen provide the vital service of taking our old waste, be it old cars, trucks, or pieces of sheet metal, and turning it into a piece of material that can be recycled back into many industries. Using lifting magnets, magnets with a low magnetic field capable of lifting metal objects securely, they can move scrap around to be broken down more easily. As they do so, compression springs in the lifting device provide enough flexibility and support to keep heavy loads elevated and secure.

As you can see, distributors of high quality industrial products, like De-Sta-Co distributors, are in the background of American industry but no less crucial. Through the use of these products, whether they be hydraulic pumps or leveling casters, American industry can continue to push our great nation forward.

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