Why is Content Based SEO Important?

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Nearly 70 percent of the search engine market share is owned by Google. As a result, businesses must come up with different ways for their websites to get noticed by the algorithm Google uses to determine the relevancy of websites. That is where an outsource SEO reseller comes in. Seo resellers employ various marketing strategies in order to appeal to the Google algorithm, and in turn Google picks up on the websites and ranks them higher. By doing so, websites can receive much more traffic.

Content creation is quickly becoming the most popular marketing method used by outsource SEO resellers. In fact, over 75 percent of marketers use content creation as part of their SEO campaigns. When websites continually produce high quality content, including articles and blogs, Google notices those websites. When the content that is produced matches keyword search relevancy, Google will rank it higher. There must be a balance, though, because producing too much content will be seen as spam by Google, and producing an insufficient amount of content may prevent the website from becoming ranked highly. Content should also be promoted via social media and link building in order to increase its popularity.

The content produced should also be customized to fit your website. When a business offers custom content, over 60 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from that business. Custom content should be specific to your industry, as well as unique. You do not want content that has been recycled from other websites, as this is boring, overused, and not relevant to the Google algorithm. Even 60 percent of messages that share content mention a brand or product name when they are specific to an industry.

An outsource SEO reseller knows what it takes to get websites ranked highly on Google search results. By utilizing content based SEO, your website can receive the high quality, relevant traffic it deserves. Since increased traffic can lead to improved sales, more companies are turning to SEO services in order to achieve this. More like this: hubshout.com

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