Three Things to Check in a Used Car

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Did you know that in 2001, Honda became the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Japan and many of the cars that they produce are built in the United States. Just two years after this success, they launched the Honda Civic Hybrid, which was the first hybrid car that did not require plug in because the battery lasts as long as the life of the vehicle?

There is a reason that Honda has found such success. Their innovations have kept customers coming back, keeping them loyal to the brand. The recent success of their Hybrid was not just the first time that they launched a line of eco conscious vehicles. Why, in 1973 they launched the original Honda Civic, which was in response to an oil crisis. It offered an astonishing 40 miles per gallon.

People notice these things. Just a month or two ago, Honda had a 13.9 percent sales increase compared to last year, according to NASDAQ.

But buying a used car can be tricky, even if you look at the best used cars, like Hondas. So, before you go ahead and google “Baton Rouge Honda,” or “used cars in Baton Rouge,” allow me to show what to look for in a used car.

1. Mileage.

The first thing you you need to know about what to look for in a used car is its mileage. Many people lend too much to this number, because it is really about the upkeep of the car that the previous owners gave it, but it is still very important. Most cars with a mileage upwards of 150,000 will cost a lot of money to repair, even though its price might be low. However, even if it has a high mileage, this does not mean the car is knocking on the door of death.

2. History.

The next thing you need to know about what to look for in a used car is anything catastrophic that has happened to it. Has it been in accidents? What work was done to it? What has been replaced on it? Having the car fax is very important.

3. Handling.

Make sure the car works. This is the last thing that you should know about what to look for in a used car, because, ultimately, you can tell how much life a car has left in it by the way it drives. Of course, if it is used, it will not handle like a sports car or anything, but it should at least handle smoothly. You should not have any trouble with your breaks or anything.

Hopefully this list of what to look for in a used car will help you out. Is there anything else that people should know what to look for in a used car? If you know of anything, please comment! Knowing what to look for in a used car is a very important thing for first time car buyers, so please share your experience! The more things people know what to look for in a used car, the better, so no used car dealers will take in our unsuspecting readers! Learn more.

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