Three Sources of Free Litigation Advice

Free litigation advice

Are you taking someone to court? Are you being taken to court? According to doeLegal Journal, there are 74.5 cases brought to litigation per 1,000 Americans per year. With seven percent of the American population seeking litigation for a wide variety of legal issues, almost 24 million annually, there is a huge need for litigation advice. Here are three of the best sources of free litigation advice for American citizens.

  • Look to the State Courts
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    Many states offer helplines, open forums, and websites for citizens looking for help on a wide range of legal issues. For instance, Utah offers an open forum on “General Civil Topics” on the second Tuesday of each and every month in some locations. Many other states, including New York and Pennsylvania, provide similar services. If you need no cost litigation advice for your legal issues, contact your town hall or use the web to find information on where forums are held. If none are held, generally you can find state-specific webpages providing advice with your local laws in mind.

  • Avvo
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    Avvo is a website offering users free legal advice through an ask and answer service. Users go to the site, ask their question on a range of topics, and, generally, lawyers respond with answers within 12 hours. The site offers access to professionals in fields like business, DUI, car accidents, child custody, and many others. The litigation advice given by professionals on this site is provided free of charge. The site also features a customized search engine to help you find the best lawyers in your area.

  • Law Guru
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    Law Guru, like Avvo, provides people with a forum where they can ask legal professionals about their litigation problems. This site also features a wealth of information on subjects ranging from juvenile dependency to traffic law. Where Law Guru really excels is in the fact that it offers an outlet for those searching for litigation advice for free, but it also offers a place for professionals and law students to discuss and learn about different topics. Law Guru also provides its users with a highly useful source of legal forms. Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Affidavit forms are all available directly from the site.

If you are looking for free litigation advice, you should know that there are sources out there. Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time or you are seeking justice for an indignity done to you, utilizing these three sources of legal advice can be an important step in your future success. Good luck to you.

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