Purchasing A Home In The Lovely Portsmouth Virginia

Homes in portsmouth

If you are considering homes in Portsmouth for your next move, you will want to know a little about Portsmouth, Virginia first.

Portsmouth was founded in 1752. It is located in the Hampton Roads area, across from Norfolk, of Virginia. Portsmouth has a population of 97,450 people. It has a mild subtropical climate.

In Portsmouth, there is Old Dominion University and Tidewater Community College.

Portsmouth has a regional bus service, Hampton Roads Transit. For air travel, the Norfolk International Airport is the main airport for the Hampton Roads and Portsmouth areas.

The sports teams in Portsmouth are the Portsmouth Cavaliers and the Portsmouth Mustangs.

Portsmouth, Virginia has something foe everybody. It has history, museums, theater, and sports.

Portsmouth homes are a mix of quaint cottages and estate homes. New homes portsmouth va can be found in any of the new neighborhoods in Portsmouth.

A Portsmouth real estate agent can help you in your search for a home in Portsmouth or, you can find Portsmouth homes and homes for sale portsmouth by doing an online search.

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