Keep Your Smile Safe While On Vacation in Virginia

Tooth implants virginia beach

Bode Swacker, a twenty two year old student from Palo Alto California, expected to enjoy a nice quiet vacation with some friends at Virginia Beach last year. A life long surfer, Swacker was looking forward to seeing what the waves on the East coast had to offer compared to his home water of the Pacific. “I ended up looking like an idiot,” Swacker said, laughing. “I saw a shadow in the water and mistook it for a shark. I completely lost my balance and my face collided with my own board.” Swacker emerged from the water bleeding and missing two teeth. His regular dentist was thousands of miles away, and he was in a slight panic. “I was amazed when the lifeguard gave me a list of local dentists who could help,” he said. “I mean, whoever heard of dentists in Virginia Beach?”

Swacker’s surprise is not uncommon, which is odd as there are actually a wide variety of dentists in virginia beach. They primarily serve the local population that lives there year round, but they also have a keen awareness of the unique dental needs of vacationers, and they are well prepared for situations just like Swackers. Within twenty four hours, Swacker was able to locate an office that was able to handle dental implants Virginia Beach, and within three days, his newly repaired smile was wide as he returned to the waves for the remainder of his vacation.

“People are always surprised at the resources of a vacation town,” said Dale McIntosh, one of the dentists in Virginia Beach, though recently retired. “We see just about every kind of dental malady that you can imagine,” said McIntosh. “Seniors often lose their dentures virginia beach, and let me tell you from experience, that can really ruin a vacation pretty quickly.” McIntosh also noted that vacationers can experience accidents like Swacker did, and the local dental community prepares itself for these inevitable patients. “I think just about every Virginia Beach dentist has some expertise in repairing and replacing lost teeth,” said McIntosh. “It is not difficult to find one if you just search for cosmetic dentist Virginia Beach or tooth implants Virginia Beach.”

While they are also available for basic cleanings, the Virginia Beach dental community basically views itself as the first line defense against spoiled vacations. “We get lots of kids with severe toothaches,” said McIntosh. “Nobody can have fun on vacation when a child is in severe pain, and we feel that people should be having fun. This is Virginia Beach!” Beyond the services offered, McIntosh noted that the dental community takes other steps to make it easier for out of town patients to utilize their services. “We know that vacationers often do not carry much cash, so we all take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and most major credit cards. We also have a lot of experience with out of state insurance companies.”


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