Business Practices Improving and Creating Greater Customer Experiences with Mashup Platforms

Intelligent virtual agent

For a business or service to succeed, everything relies on the way in which customers will receive them. Factors such as how engaged a customer is in the services that a business provides, how well they are able to retain the experiences of that service, and how loyal they become to the business as a result are all major factors that determine the overall success and longevity of a business or service. With the constant evolution and improvements of technology today, there are many new innovative methods and creations that businesses and services are using to gain improvements in the important areas of audience engagement and customer retention and loyalty. One such innovation that many businesses are using to make these achievements is mashup platforms. Mashup platforms are online pages or applications that use two or more sources to combine data, functionality, and presentation to create new services.

High quality customer service is not only important for a business to offer in order to have for success, it has also been proven to be valued greatly by customers themselves. A CEI survey showed that 86 percent of customers said that they are willing to pay more money for better customer service. Of the many recent successful mashup platforms that have developed, one of the most popular and effective versions is online learning software, also known as eLearning. As of 2011, 77 percent of American corporations were looking to improve their business practices by using online learning software. The technology is also becoming very popular all over the world as in Asia, the eLearning industry has been projected to reach a value of 11.5 billion dollars by 2016.

Intelligent virtual agents and intelligent virtual assistants are becoming one of the most widely used forms of eLearning mashup platforms. Virtual assistants can develop a higher skill level with the help of the International Virtual Assistants Association, which connects them with companies that contract virtual assistants. Many online medical agencies and services have begun using virtual health assistants to better serve the needs of their patients. Virtual health assistants can help become proactive in taking care of themselves in terms of things such as managing illnesses and correctly taking medication. The virtual health agents can sometimes appear as unique avatars that resemble people, so as to increase audience engagement when providing advice. The effectiveness of mashup platforms such as virtual health agents has already shown, and will likely continue to do increase as technology continues to advance. For more information, read this website:

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