Boring Machine Tools Are Not Dull

Collet chucks

Machine tools are used to shape metal and other rigid materials. Machining involves things like cutting, grinding, shearing and boring. In machine shops boring usually does not mean dull or uninteresting. It is the process of enlarging a hole that has been drilled or cast. Single point cutting tools, called boring tools, are used. Vertical and horizontal boring drills holes into very hard materials using tap adapters.

Reshoring is when jobs and manufacturing which had been previously offshored returns to the United States. In recent years, there has been a rise in reshoring which has brought a resurgence in the U.S. manufacturing industry. The increase in reshoring is largely due to the high shipping costs, rising labor costs, and poor quality production that has often been associated with offshoring.

Having high quality, efficient equipment is important for the safety and production of a machine shop. Recent trends in reshoring have helped to ensure that the best machine tools are once again being manufactured in the United States. High quality tap adapters and other boring tools, along with other machining tools, tool holders and presetters, are among the products that are now, once again, being made in the U.S.A.

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