Want to Make Your Event More Memorable?

Photo booths for rent

Is there anything more fun than seeing a photo booth in the mall and saying to your friends or family that you all have to get in it and take some pictures? Have you ever considered finding photo booth machines for sale or rent so you can experience that feeling any time? They are becoming more popular to have for huge events. The first photo booth as we know it today appeared in 1925 on Broadway. These machines used film, and back during that time George Eastman developed roll film for use in cameras. Today, however, photo booths generally take digital pictures and have the option of uploading the pictures right to a social media site, putting them in high demand for larger festivities including weddings, family reunions, or corporate events.

Modern photo booth machines for sale are in higher demand because they have become so innovative with their technology. Before, you got your picture taken and a film strip printed out. While this is fine, the new models not only provide you with a film strip of your pictures, but also with the opportunity to share them online. Not to mention it can be fun adding different backgrounds, effects, and other features easily to the pictures.

But what if you are looking to rent? How much is a photo booth rental, you ask? Generally rentals start at just a few hundred dollars and then increase depending on the different packages available. Some companies will also offer an exclusive photo booth rental for weddings. Many times the bride and groom even use the photos taken from the photo booth at their wedding as favors for their guests.

And why not? Automated photography machines have been around ever since 1888 when the first patent was filed by William Pope and Edward Poole. There were even 12 Hasselblad cameras left on the moon purposely after the moon landings! Photography has a long history, and it is still being innovated. A modern photo booth can offer you the digital quality of a modern photo or the classic photo style you have always imagined from a photo booth.
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