The Essentials of Any Dorm Room

Dorm room organization

College students are known for many qualities, but organization is not one of them.

What is it that you will need when you are moving into a dorm room? What are the dorm room essentials? Having just finished my first full year of living on a college campus, I have seen many a dorm room. Some were chaotic dorm rooms, but every once in a while, I came across some truly stylish dorm rooms (usually in the dorms that had a feminine touch to them).

When it comes to dorm room supplies, I learned as I went on what I would need. I ended up making many trips to Walmart, although I wish I had not, because I would rather not support such an evil corporation if I do not need to.

My time living on the SUNY Geneseo campus taught me exactly what the dorm room essentials were, and my goal is to pass the knowledge down to you, so you do not have to deal with the stress of purchasing dorm room essentials as you learn they are essentials.

First and foremost, I recommend that you get a nice, organized, sturdy desk. I have found that my own productivity levels were much higher upon having a clean work space. A reliable desk is not only practical in the physical sense (having a place to sit down and complete assignments), but it has certain psychological benefits with which one can fight off procrastination.

Just seeing the desk upon entering your dorm room will be a constant reminder that you have work you could be doing. In terms of getting work done, this is number one on my list of dorm room essentials.

Now, let us move into the fun stuff. Here are some how to decorate dorm room tips that will make your room both superficially appealing and in alignment with your unique personality. I recommend posters that speak to your interests, and furniture that is both comfortable and fun. Lights, also, can make all of the difference in the ambiance of your room. These are definitely dorm room essentials when it comes time to relax.

Dorm room essentials do not have to be limited to the dorm room itself. There are plenty of chair organizer pockets, which can be used both in and out of the dorm room. Keep your supplies organized when in your room, and when you enter the classroom. Organization, after all, is probably the key to dorm room essentials and succeeding in a highly demanding academic setting! Helpful sites.


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