Four Coach Purchasing Facts for the True Coach Lovers

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Did you know that the company Coach was founded in 1941, in New York City? Today, it is a luxury leather goods company that is most famous for its handbags, which are branded with the distinctive C logo either on buttons or used as a pattern. Here are some frequent questions we hear about Coach, as well as answers.

1. How much does a Coach purse cost?

Depending on the size and style, official coach bags sell for anywhere from two hundred to over a thousand dollars. The average price is probably around 400, since right now medium sized purses with some decorative details are the most trendy.

2. Why not buy a knockoff?

You always can, of course, especially if you live in a city where knockoffs are everywhere, like NYC. The drawback to knockoffs is that they vary in manufacturing, and are rarely up to the design standards of the actual company. Sometimes the logo is wrong, and in most cases the purse will fall apart or start to display signs of wear much more quickly. Basically, you make a trade off for the quality the brand is known for.

3. What is the deal with Coach outlet vs Coach retail?

This is a good question, and it basically deals with manufacturing. The products, though produced by the same general company, are different. The quality of Coach factory outlet purses are not on par with coach retail. You might get a better experience than with knockoffs, but you will not be getting a high quality Coach retail bag at far below its cost. You are getting a bag manufactured specifically for outlet stores, and outlet prices.

4. Is there an official Coach outlet online?

Yes, there is, just search for Coach factory outlet. Many people come across the ads for the official coach factory outlet online sale, in which case, just follow the link. Make sure, though, when you are looking at merchandise that it features the correct logo, since many clever copy sites do exist, and you will notice that upon careful inspection, the design might be similar but the C logo is missing.

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  1. I always buy purses off ebay. You have to be careful of course, but its a good way to save money by getting lightly used purses

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