The Booming Self Storage Industry

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If you have seen recent reality TV shows like Storage Wars, then you know that self storage is not only as a practical option for people who need space to store their additional possessions, but also a concept that has to some extent resonated with the public imagination. For some, self storage provides a practical solution for where to keep collectibles and other valuable items. For others, it represents the allure of discovering lost treasures or meaningful heirlooms.

From a strict financial standpoint, the past 35 years has seen the self storage market expand and flourish among other sectors in American commercial real estate. As a result, facilities like those that provide storage in virginia beach are in demand. Including self storage Virginia Beach, rentable storage space nationwide has accumulated to 2.3 billion square feet, as determined in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Due to the business generated by companies like those that own storage facilities virginia beach, the industry as a whole make $22 billion each year. These funds can come from a typical storage agreement, which allows for 20 square feet of inventory space per American family. But money is also made from auctions or other sales that are held once a customer becomes delinquent in their payments, or a lien placed on their possessions.

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