Why So Many Are Exploring Jackson Hole Commercial Real Estate

Jackson hole luxury real estate

The state of Wyoming’s two main revenue sources come from tourism and from the extraction of valuable minerals. Because this happens to be the case, both Wyoming residents and Wyoming business owners enjoy many benefits of living and working here, including a very low tax burden. This low tax rate means that Jackson hole commercial real estate and Jackson Hole homes for sale are both plentiful and desirable.

For many, the lack of significant tax burden is an ideal reason to purchase Jackson Hole commercial real estate and Jackson Hole land for sale, commercial or otherwise. For others, though, it is more about the other wonderful things that make buying Jackson Hole property for sale a good idea. (It should be noted that there is a difference between the town of Jackson, Wyoming, and the Jackson Hole region. The first is the official town and the second is the region where the town is located; the region takes up 80 miles in width and 15 miles in length.)

What else is fantastic about picking up Jackson Hole real estate for sale or Jackson Hole commercial real estate? For one, the National Elk Refuge is nearby. It serves as North America’s biggest elk preserve, with about 90,000 elk wintering there yearly. For another, there are 7 national parks which drew in more than 5.9 million people in 2011. And the celebrity life does not hurt either, with people like Sandra Bullock, Harrison Ford and Dick Cheney all having Jackson hole luxury real estate homes there.
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