What NJ Collaborative Law Means And How It Benefits Clients

Benefits of collaborative law nj

In NJ, collaborative law involves a focus on three things: the client, the efficiency of the case and the confidentiality of the case. The typical collaborative family law new jersey offers compares very closely with collaborative law that exists in other parts of the U.S. And since there were more than 870,000 divorce proceedings that occurred in the U.S. in 2010 alone, this form of law is asked for a lot.

Even though U.S. divorce rates have dropped in the past three decades, there still is a need for divorce attorneys. And lately, there has been more of a push toward NJ collaborative law for NJ residents specifically because the clients’ needs typically are met at a much higher and more satisfying level. The benefits of collaborative law nj residents can experience also include less agitation during divorce proceedings. Most collaborative divorce nj residents experience usually stems from amicable divorces anyway where contention is not as dramatic.

While only 9 percent of the adults living in NJ are divorced, compared to almost 52 percent of adults who are currently married, and while 74 percent of women in this country who are divorced did not complete college, these needs still exist. Luckily, most collaborative divorce lawyers Union County NJ offer and those in other counties too are more than willing to explain to clients the answer to what is collaborative divorce NJ. So in NJ collaborative law is both available and more than easy to access from various law firms.