Laptop Scanners Help Keep Business Papers from Getting Lost While Out in the Field

Document scanner

Did you know that states that on average, one office employee generates about 10,000 pieces of paperwork every year? Also, according to the Datapro Gartner Group, a full 25 percent of all paper documents generated for business purposes end up getting lost, never to be found again. Where all those papers go and how they get lost, is anyone’s guess. InfoTrends is another company that has information on business documents printed on paper too. They say that about 1.019 trillion business documents get printed, faxed or copied each year, just in the United States alone. Can you imagine what the figure would be for worldwide business documents? The way help maintain all the paperwork is to use electronic records to keep and store business documents. This is where a digital filing system and laptop scanners are useful.

Generating documents and storing them electronically also means hiring fewer office workers, thereby reducing overhead costs. Every business can benefit from the use of laptop scanners and a business card scanner or a business card reader. Besides giving you the ability to scan and upload business documents, business cards and receipts, a portable scanner is one of the most convenient tools to use while away on a business trip. Portable scanners provide convenience when tucked in your pocket, briefcase or purse. You can also carry laptop scanners in your laptop case so you have everything right there with you when you need to scan, upload and send business documents and receipts back to the office. Your important business papers never get lost again with the aid of laptop scanners.

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