How Companies Benefit From Hiring Merchant Processing Providers

Internet merchant accounts

From 2002 to 2011, sales through electronic commerce jumped from $72 billion to $256 billion, with about 33 percent of these transactions generated via booking flights and travel opportunities alone in 2011. Plus, the amount of U.S. online shoppers is expected to jump from 137 million who were in existence in 2010 to 175 million by 2016. This represents a huge chunk of the U.S. population, and outside the U.S. the numbers are even greater. What this means for companies that do any sort of business online is that professional merchant processing systems are required.

With professional merchant processing services, companies that do any sort of exchanges online with other businesses and with consumers can see more positive opportunities online. They can use a credit card merchant account to process transactions and can conduct credit card processing online with their vendors in a seamless and inexpensive fashion. With these Internet merchant accounts, these companies too can reach the estimated 12 percent of shoppers who were visiting online retailers via their mobile devices in 2011, which was up over 2010’s percentage of 6.7 percent.

Via merchant processing, these companies can get help with Level 3 processing as well, which is one of the three main levels that have been defined for online credit card processing. Level 3 is the highest and most secure because it gives out the most information about any transaction, which could include a description of the item being sold or purchased, the quantity of items being purchased or sold, any identification of discounts that apply to the order, a postal code address and zip code, and so much more. This is the form of processing that most online retailers choose to use, and with professional merchant processing help they can see better results on their websites with fewer errors and inconsistencies.

With the help of merchant processing businesses, these operations too can see increases in productivity and in sales as well. This influx of revenue and improvement in production can greatly affect any business in the most positive fashion, so companies on the fence about considering these merchant processing solutions should definitely veer more toward the side of hiring professionals for this task. When they do, they usually are happy with their results in a very short amount of time. They get the system implemented and then see almost instant results, making them satisfied that they have made the right choice.
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