Learning Five Things About A Military Move That Will Make It More Successful

Navy do it yourself move calculator

For military families, relocation is a way of life; but the military has a program to help you with the process which involves making a DITY move. This program gives you money for planning the relocation of your belongings on your own, but is typically only used for domestic moves. When you are going to be making a military move soon, you will have a lot that you have to deal with. However, while getting your family packed is enough work on its own, you will also need to determine how your belongings will get to your new home.

When you first find out that you are being transferred to a new base, you can go to the Military Family Center to get information through the RAP or relocation assistance program so that you are better prepared. When you need help with your military move, there are companies that know how the whole process works and will give you the best value for your budget. When you use a DITY move calculator, you can determine what it should cost you to make the move.

When making a military DITY move, the government will give you $25,000 worth of insurance coverage. If you need more insurance for your military move, you will be able to purchase an additional amount of coverage on your own. Choosing the right moving company to hire will give you the assistance that you require to get your family’s belongings safely to your new home.

Another great benefit of a Dity move is that you get more time to deal with the relocation than if you let the government do the move, which can allow more time to pack up your house. When you are looking to make a military move, you need to be certain that you choose the right moving company to make the process smooth and inexpensive. You will be given option for your move that work best for the types of items that your family owns and coming in under budget means extra money for your family to keep.

An interesting fact about the Department of Defense and the U.S. Coast Guard is that over 225,000 household shipments are moved during the summer every year. With the right military moving experts on your side, the move will be easy to handle. Selecting the best company for your military move will make sure that your things arrive safe and sound.

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