Dental Work Isn’t a Luxury, It Is a Necessity

Old bridge dental care

Toothbrushes go back to the 18th Century, when an English prisoner designed a toothbrush using cattle bone and boar’s bristles. The nylon toothbrush with a plastic handle was invented in 1938. Toothbrushes can still be unsanitary and can harbor bacteria. They should be rinsed with every use and thrown out after sickness. Dental work is also quite old. And it is common, too. Over 60 percent of adults had dental work done during the past year. But there are simple solutions to prevent plaque from building up. For example, sesame seeds are a good solution.

Babies begin to develop their primary teeth while they are still in the womb. And it is for this reason that finding Staten Island dental and other services early is a good move. Old Bridge dental care is not the only service which is available. There are also services available for dental implants new jersey or old bridge dental care.

The numbers of people using Old Bridge dental care is growing. 60 percent of adults between the age of 18 and 64 made a trip to the dentist in 2010. This is not just for root canals and tooth extraction. There are services like teeth whitening Staten Island dental and dental implants staten island dental as well.

A dental implant is placed in a bone socket of a missing tooth and the jawbone heals over the next six to 12 weeks. Growing around the tooth it anchors it securely. Dental implants have a high success rate at 98 percent. They can last for a lifetime if properly cared for.

Old Bridge dental care is one of the best means for maintaining the teeth and adding cosmetic services as needed. Old Bridge dental care helps ensure straighter teeth and the straighter the teeth, the easier they are to keep clean. It is for this reason that dental services will always be in high demand, especially as people realize that it is not a luxury, but an essential element of human health.

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