Why Office Space in Austin TX is So Popular

Austin texas commercial real estate

According to statistics from May 2011, the downtown area of Austin TX had nearly 1.9 million square feet of space for retail, ranging from office space to shops to restaurants. The city sees an estimated 19 million visitors each year too, taking in an estimated $3.5 billion in revenues from this visitor spending. For retailing prospects, then, office space in Austin TX looks pretty good.

Why office space in Austin TX is so interesting for these folks is the tourist scene and other facets too. For instance, the city plays host to many music festivals each year, with more music venues per capita than other cities around the country. This has dubbed Austin TX the Live Music Capital of the World, with people coming in from all over to take part in the scene. Therefore, Austin offices are likely to be set up near one or more of these venues for good foot traffic.

While Austin TX has had humans live there since at least 9200 BC, or the late Ice Age, today the scene obviously is much different. Today, the city’s Congress Ave Bridge, which presides over Lady Bird Lake, is the home of North America’s largest urban bat colony. Aside from people and bats is the Austin office space for rent that is continually available for potential lessees. Therefore, anyone with a strong desire to set up shop there should check out the typical office lease Austin owners offer and the average office rental Austin has available too. Contact one of the available Austin tenant advisors today for some advice regarding office space in Austin TX.
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