Specifics of a Typical Tampa Breast Augmentation Patient

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More than 307,000 females had breast augmentation surgery in 2011. While facts and figures are not yet available for 2012, that number probably is higher. Why? Because the typical woman’s breasts will change in shape or size a half dozen or so times over her life, and many times women are unhappy with how their breasts have changed over time. It also is because other women have asymmetrical breasts, which is normally repaired through the typical breast augmentation tampa fl surgeons offer.

Many women choose to have the most common breast implants Tampa surgeons offer, though women in their teens opt for the typical breast augmentation Tampa providers offer too. The FDA has not given approval for breast implants in women younger than 18 since their bodies are still developing, but women in their late teens and early 20s are opting for Tampa breast augmentation surgery. They may still be developing well into their early 20s, but plenty of young women are choosing to have Tampa breast augmentation surgery because they do not like the appearance of their breasts.

While men also are known to have Tampa breast augmentation surgery, it is extremely rare. Women and men both have breasts biologically speaking, but the hormone estrogen makes it so women actually develop their breasts, while men’s breasts normally stay flat. And while some men still opt for the typical Tampa breast implants available, the numbers are low, with the most typical breast implants tampa fl providers offer almost all women.

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