Professional Website Companies Prepare Businesses for the Coming Internet Boom

Professional web design

Most websites are terrible at attracting customers. Far from appealing, websites are often poorly designed, have terrible information, and often make a customer seek competitors. While many companies could survive with a poor website, they cannot as more sales occur online. While companies could try a website themselves, the programming and design skills take time to learn. The fastest way to catch up is with a professional website service.

A professional website service can address issues like navigability, cross browser compatibility, local; time, conversion allowance, and of course, appearance. Professional websites are not just a great way to capture online customers, but are the only way to do so. 82 percent of all consumers used search engines to find out about local businesses. Of all consumers who use a search engine, 42 percent of Internet users clicked the first link. Buying a sponsored link is a tempting way to get to the top, but most consumers do not trust these. In fact, 80 percent of search engine uses ignore these sponsored links.

Businesses that are not yet worried should consider if their website is optimized for mobile. Most websites, including professional websites, are not. Mobile app users, number only a few million in 2006, will grow to 2.1 billion by 2016. Far from a niche market, mobile Internet will be the marketplace of choice worldwide very soon.

Businesses need to capture this growing number of online customers with a professional website. A professional website design company can offer services, such as blog writing services, that attract viewers to a website. A professional website can also address navigability and ease of use. Most importantly, a professional website design company can optimize websites for mobile platforms, and help tap this growing market.

As more sales move online, businesses need a professional website. A professional web design company with a blog writing service is the best way to create a good website. Not only can professional website design attract mobile customers, but a blog writing service can increase leads. These features can help a company gain more market share, and stand out among its competitors.

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