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Employee payroll can be a hassle for any business owner, whether the business employs three people or three hundred. Most CPAs agree that the clients whose businesses for whom they manage accounts are unable to handle payroll on their own. It is easy to make errors, as paper time sheets and other responsibilities can pull managers and employees in twenty different directions at once. Since labor is the largest expense of most businesses, using automated time and labor management systems or employee payroll services can help entrepreneurs avoid costly issues. A time and labor management system will keep track of employees’ hours, and it will eliminate a lot of paperwork and tedious addition for the managers. It can also track the expenses associated with employees over time, and help the manager and owner to see inefficiencies in their system. Many companies offering employee payroll services will also offer a variety of time and labor management systems as well, such as systems based on the internet, in a computer program, or through an enterprise network.

Payroll companies, such as Paychex, provide many convenient services to their clients, and they always offer quality service. Paychex has a service called Taxpay, and this eliminates the clients’ need to file, report, and pay for tax liabilities on their own. Clients, who are already burdened with running or managing a business, no longer have to fill out the time consuming, patience wearing paperwork for taxes with this service. Paychex will also help to manage any unemployment matters for the client if they choose to partake of the Taxpay service. Along with this service, Paychex also offers online access to their clients and the people they employ. The client can direct their employees to this Payroll Access Online for the W2 forms, paycheck stubs, and other payroll information online.

Paychex also offers the usual employee payroll services, such as drawing up the checks at regular intervals, payroll processing, and payroll direct deposit. This company is one of the finest payroll solutions, having been recognized for years in places such as Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work, CNN, and Forbes Best Small Companies in America. If you’re a small business in Upstate New York and you need help with employee payroll services, make your way to Paychex!

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