Executive Coaching and Social Media in Small Business Marketing

Marketing plan template

Small business executives often have questions at the beginning, such as “how do I get customers,” “how do you use social media to advance your business,” or “how do you create a marketing plan template”. Small business help often comes in the form of executive coaching or social media. Aid with both of these is offered by the Small Business Development Center Virginia has throughout the Commonwealth.

Small business development begins with executive coaching, which helps to streamline the effectiveness of the team and create innovative marketing techniques. Executive coaching can give small business help with lead sources, their marketing plan template, and effective use of social media. For executive coaching to be successful in giving the small business help, the personalities of the team members, the coach, and the culture they hope to foster must all be compatible.

Social media has also aided in what is known as “ducttapemarketing”, a phrase coined by John Jantsch in his book. Ducttapemarketing focuses on expanding small business through affordable advertising and efficient business methods. Among their small business marketing tips, ducttapemarketing advises that small businesses take advantage of social media and word of mouth to advance their businesses. Both of these methods are free or require only a nominal fee, making them practical options to advertise and get more sales.

Social media has given the consumer unprecedented control over a product’s image and reputation, and it has enabled small business marketing strategies to expand. Social media gives you the ability to double your sales and expand your client base with a single click. Its ease of use and almost innumerable choices for how to advertise your business make it an exceptional tool for any small business looking to expand.

For small businesses Virginia offers a number of opportunities. With their proximity to the capital, a small business can easily become involved in the chamber of commerce Washington DC boasts, connecting them to a number of other small businesses and potential clients. There is also a Small Business Development Center Virginia offers to small businesses within the Commonwealth, a network of business experts who offer small business help through executive coaching and answering their questions.


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