Key Advantages Of Pressure Assisted Toilets For Commercial Purposes

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Pressure assisted toilets are considerably more common in commercial settings like restaurants and other public spaces, where there is not always someone around to jiggle the handle and right a wrong when a toilet problem occurs. There are other reasons why this variety of toilet is more well-suited for a commercial setting too. More water rests in the bowl, leading to a cleaner toilet; a stronger flush is possible with a pressure assisted toilet; and this toilet can better withstand more humid environments.

More water often exists in pressure assisted toilets, so there often is less of a water spot in these toilets. To the naked eye, it looks like a cleaner toilet bowl. In fact, the bowl likely is cleaner because more water exists in it, so there is less opportunity for materials and bacteria to hang out above the water line.

Another key benefit of pressure assisted toilets is that they often have a much stronger flush. This again is more ideal in commercial environments, when a range of users will be entering and leaving a bathroom day in and day out. Whereas homeowners typically know who will be using a home’s toilet and can adjust accordingly, a business never knows who will be using its toilets or what they will be tossing into them aside from urine and waste. Pressure assisted toilets assure business owners that waste will go where it ultimately must end up … out of the bathroom.

Pressure assisted toilets also are ideal in more humid environments because there is less condensation buildup on the bowl. In humid environments, traditional toilet tanks can build up a considerable amount of condensation, which neither looks good nor makes the toilet perform all that well. By using pressure assisted toilets, companies need not worry about water appearing, looking dangerously like sweat on a toilet bowl or toilet seat.

While they often are noisier than their traditional toilet bowl counterparts, pressure assisted toilets are not necessarily that noisy when it is taken into consideration the noise level of a public restroom. There often is a lot of noise and other activity going on, including hand washing, powerful air hand drying … which is much louder than the noise that comes out of a pressure assisted toilet … and chatter among restroom visitors. The noise is one small side effect that truly should have no bearing on whether to purchase one for a commercial use.

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