When Would Social Security Lawyers Ideally Like to Represent Disability Claims?

Q: Can Social security lawyers help claimants who missed their scheduled hearing dates?

A: It is extremely important for claimants to show up and be on time for their scheduled court dates for disability hearings. Those who missed their appearances would benefit from the assistance of Social Security lawyers. The court will usually reschedule hearing dates for those who missed their scheduled dates due to unforeseen circumstances. It is extremely important once those dates are rescheduled that those claimants appear for their assigned dates. It is highly unlikely that another date will be scheduled once two court appearances have been missed. Hearings are the last chance for claimants to have their claims thoroughly reviewed. Claimants should assure that they are on time, dressed in accordance with that court’s dress code and present themselves in a professional, respectful and honest manner. Social Security lawyers will assure their clients are prepared and all the pertinent supporting evidence has been provided.

Q: In an ideal world, when would Social Security lawyers like to start representing a disability claim?

A: Ideally, most Social Security lawyers would like to represent disability claims from step one in the claim review process. That would assure that the initial application is submitted correctly and with all the appropriate and helpful supporting evidence. In reality, most claimants submit their initial applications for disability insurance without the assistance of lawyers. Social Security lawyers are most often hired after claimants receive notification that they have been denied benefits for the first time. Although it is not required that claimants have legal representation to appeal for reconsideration or request a hearing, it is extremely beneficial to have the experience and expertise a lawyer who specializes in Social Security claims can offer.

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