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Search Engines and eCommerce

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In 2011 alone, internet sales were worth more than $200 billion, and internet sales are expected to climb to almost 10% of total retail sales over the next two years. Search engines are one of the most important components of the digital retail marketplace, but they are often neglected by internet businesses. More than 90% of people’s online experiences start with search engines. If you use the internet to market or to sell goods and services, learning how to take advantage of the power of search engines and the way in which they work has the potential to greatly increase your sales.

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What is White Label SEO?

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Search engine optimization is the process of improving visibility of a website or web page in a search engines natural search results. By increasing the visibility of a website, an SEO improves how soon that site is featured on standard search engine inquiries. SEO Resellers provide the service of expanding the exposure said website through such techniques of blog entries, social media marketing and forum discussions. Private label seo or as it is also known, white label SEO, is another SEO reseller program used to increase search engine visibility by forming a partnership with a website or, more particularly, an online business and the SEO Reseller.

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