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Archive for September 24, 2013

American Businesses Rely on Industrial Products to Do Good Business

Written by admin. Posted in De-sta-co clamps, Hinges, Rubber handle grips

Bearing distributors

883,000 new home construction projects were started in the United States in August 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. From January to August of 2013, almost 8.5 million cars were made in North America to sell domestically and internationally, as shown by statistics from Wards Auto. American industry is the key to the $15.68 trillion gross domestic product we currently generate, as estimated by the World Bank.

American ingenuity and work ethic continues to fuel our industry and success on the international stage. However, there is much more to the success of these businesses than blood and sweat. Industrial products supplied by De-sta-co distributors, for example,provide American

Is It Magic That Zips My Money Over to an Online Store?

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B2b payments

Everyone buys things online nowadays. E-commerce is continuing to grow exponentially, and is set to exceed brick and mortar sales by 2020. As such, online credit card processing is becoming more and more important in everyday transactions. Not only is it crucial that a company have the ability to process payments online, such as by processing credit cards, but it is also imperative that the payment processing services be 100% secure for the consumer as well.

Online credit card processing is not something that a business can do on its own. It is a service that the business must subscribe to. As mentioned above, it is not just about getting a business the money with which the customer buyi